Book Review: The Martian by Andy Weir


Reviewed by: Bethany
Genre: Sci-fi
Format: Softcover
Page count: 369 Pages
Rating: 5/5 stars

 In stock: Yes

Hello, fellow readers! Do you like sci-fi? Yeah, me either…but The Martian though! I haven’t seen the movie yet, so my critique of that is still pending, but I’ve heard that it’s even better than the book (to which I say, “Settle down, everyone. I’ll decide for myself”).

All right, I’m going to continue to abuse my usual crutch and throw up a Goodreads synopsis:

Six days ago, astronaut Mark Watney became one of the first people to walk on Mars. Now, he’s sure he’ll be the first person to die there. After a dust storm nearly kills him & forces his crew to evacuate while thinking him dead, Mark finds himself stranded & completely alone with no way to even signal Earth that he’s alive—& even if he could get word out, his supplies would be gone long before a rescue could arrive. Chances are, though, he won’t have time to starve to death. The damaged machinery, unforgiving environment or plain-old “human error” are much more likely to kill him first. But Mark isn’t ready to give up yet. Drawing on his ingenuity, his engineering skills—& a relentless, dogged refusal to quit—he steadfastly confronts one seemingly insurmountable obstacle after the next. Will his resourcefulness be enough to overcome the impossible odds against him?

This book is an absolute hoot! That Mark Watney is one sassy astronaut; NASA clearly has great taste in which humans they send to Mars.

Stylistically, this book is interesting – one part journal entries and one part NASA headquarters freak outs. Normally, I wouldn’t be a big fan of these journal entries, but Andy Weir has a way of making potato gardening sound thrilling. Impressive, no?

Poor Watney really gets put through the ringer in this book, which is putting it mildly. Perhaps a more appropriate phrasing would be that poor Watney gets the absolute expletive kicked out of him while exclusively listening to disco music. To say the least, life on Mars is no pleasant stroll through a dusty red park. So, maybe, the moral of the story is persevering and presenting a brave face to any sandstorms (metaphorical or otherwise) that may come your

To summarize: you should read this funny book about perseverance…in space!

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