Book Review: The Giver by Lois Lowry

the giverBy: Steph

Set in a Utopian society, we follow the story of Jonas, who gets assigned the job of becoming “The Giver”, or the “Receiver of Memory”. He is suddenly gifted with a kind of foresight that allows him to experience the past – and with that comes emotion, feelings, color, and variety. Upon receiving this job, we see Jonas’ views of what is seemingly “perfect” to everyone, is not what it seems. The more he learns of the past, the more he realizes how much his current society is suffering from a kind of “sameness”. Throughout the book, we watch as Jonas struggles with this new information. Will he decide to revolutionize society as he sees fit? Or decide that perhaps this “sameness” is safer for all? Seeing Jonas’ views on society change from Utopian to Dystopian has some deeply imbedded morals that make for an intriguing read.

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